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2020/09/07 11:21
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   The choice of diesel, common sense of engine maintenance, etc., Five diesel vehicle maintenance precautions that every diesel vehicle driver should know.

Note 1: Ensure the quality of diesel
Diesel is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons, so it is more difficult to ignite. As a fuel, it is a relatively safer choice. The quality of diesel fuel is the guarantee for the "healthy" operation of diesel engines. Inferior diesel fuel containing moisture or impurities can cause serious damage to the high-pressure distribution pump. So for users, the best way is to choose gas stations carefully and ask for bills after refueling.
Diesel vehicles must not add gasoline by mistake. If the gas station staff mistakenly add gasoline, the owner should not start the car, and immediately contact the repair station or 4S shop for technical support.

Note 2: The main points of engine maintenance
Diesel engines are very durable. The speed of diesel engines is relatively low, and the wear of engine components is relatively reduced. In addition, diesel vehicles do not have high-pressure ignition systems and throttle bodies, so the engine has a low failure rate and a long service life of about 850,000. Kilometers. But diesel engines have different requirements for engine oil from gasoline, and they require special engine oil. And its maintenance time limit is related to the engine produced by each manufacturer and the local oil product. For example, for Land Rover diesel engines, when the fuel sulfur content exceeds 0.7%, the oil replacement time should not exceed 6000 kilometers. Of course, if the diesel fuel is below this value, the maintenance period can reach 12,000 kilometers.
In the course of use, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of the three types of filters: air filter, oil filter, and diesel filter, and give full play to their role.

Attention three key points of diesel engine refueling
Diesel engines have very good power and are very fuel-efficient. Diesel engines with the same displacement have much higher power than gasoline engines, and their fuel consumption is also very low. However, the diesel engine must not be used up before refueling, because in this case the engine will be idling and suck in air, which will cause serious damage to the engine.

Note 4 Diesel engine with preheating device
 Diesel engines generally have a glow plug device, which reminds the user that the glow plug is heating through an indicator light. When the engine is cold, turn on the ignition switch, the light is on, and the engine can be started when the indicator light is off. If the engine is in a warm state, the light is off and the engine can be started directly. At the same time, the light also has an alarm function. During the driving, the indicator light flashes, indicating that the engine management system is malfunctioning.

Attention five matters needing attention
When starting a diesel vehicle, do not step on the gas pedal, at the same time, do not start too fast and the speed should not be too high. When the engine has been running at high speed for a long time, do not shut it down immediately. It should continue to run at idle speed for about 2 minutes, and shut it down after the temperature drops to avoid heat accumulation.

Attention 6 recognize a concept-freezing point
Finally, recognize a concept-freezing point. The temperature at which diesel fuel loses fluidity and begins to solidify is called the freezing point. If the freezing point is too high, it is easy to cause blockage of the oil circuit at low temperature. In our country, the label of diesel is compiled according to the freezing point. The height of the freezing point is the main basis for the selection of diesel. Therefore, suitable diesel should be selected in different regions and different seasons. The following table shows the applicable regional temperature corresponding to different diesel oil grades.
No. 10 light diesel oil is suitable for diesel engines with preheating equipment No. 5 light diesel oil is suitable for use in areas where the risk rate is 10% and the lowest temperature is above 8°C
No. 0 light diesel oil is suitable for use in areas with a risk rate of 10% where the lowest temperature is above 4°C
-10# light diesel oil is suitable for use in areas where the lowest temperature with a risk rate of 10% is above -5℃
-20# light diesel oil is suitable for use in areas where the lowest temperature with a risk rate of 10% is above -14℃
-35# light diesel oil is suitable for use in areas where the lowest temperature with a risk rate of 10% is above -29℃
-50 light diesel oil is suitable for use in areas where the lowest temperature with a risk rate of 10% is above -44℃

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