Useful websites for curriculum      -        Worlds best search engine for almost all topics, gives various
                                             possible results for a topic. It also gives different website addresses              -             Scribd is a document-sharing website which allows users to post
                                            documents of various formats, and embed them into a web page using
                                             its iPaper format.  -      To download all books of engineering course at free of cost. You can   
                                             be a premium member also. User can download only two books per   
                                            day.  -    Very good site for various topics of engineering and science.
www.howstuffworks -      In this site the user will get various principles of engineering machines.        - Allows the user to download the various question papers, notes, for their curriculum - User can download books at free of cost. (2 books per day, for more books premium user can do)        -                  -    This site is useful for downloading previous year 
                                                   question papers, notes, and power point presentations of 
                                                   various universities             -    This site is useful for all academic contents of various 
                                                   topics.     -    This site explains clearly the working of various   
equipments.                  -   A very good search engine with high speed, for all 
                                                   applications.     -    This site allows the user to download e books at free of cost   -   This website give details about the International and National conferences 
                                                    conducted all over the world. 
                                                    Also  this website gives alert mails to email id with free registration.